1. The end of the worlders are at it again looking forward to the coming of their obusive sky fathermother god. When will these bratty kids grow up the world will not end on December 21,2012. All we may hope for is that day singles the beginning of the end of the maniacs strangle hold of the world and maybe some peace and quiet instead of chaos of the last centuries for once.

  2. Everett,

    This is a small, grammatical comment. The verb ‘predominate’ is not transitive, or is not used with an object. The adjectival form is ‘predominant’ and the adverb form is ‘predominantly’. If you put ‘predominately’ in google, it will correct it to ‘predominantly’. I see this word all over the place, so I wouldn’t feel too bad, but it seems to be mistaken.

    As to the prophecies themselves, my guess is that some people combine the inevitability of their death and their lack of knowledge concerning when it will occur to produce an overwhelming anxiety. “Knowing” when their death will occur is an assertion of at least psychological control over that death, so it is comforting to them. It is crap, but comforting crap.

    Keep up the search,

  3. Everett,
    Some people have irrational fears of various things. I have a relative who runs into the basement on the approach of a storm. Their terror is through no fault of their own, nor due to the beliefs they hold. To ridicule frightened people, then to use their fright to pummel their religious beliefs, I find to be rather cold-hearted and victimizing. There are more deserving targets for your scorn.
    If you are so proud of being non-religious, why is your mind so occupied with religion?
    I feel it was a waste of my time to read this.

  4. TheosoFist2yerface says:

    It seems you have missed the point of what was happening last December. According to the Mayans, it was the “end of time”. Maybe you didn’t notice, but the Large Hadron Collider was working overtime the week of the winter solstice. It was those experiments that finally, conclusively, found the Higgs Boson- or what is known as the “god particle”. This marks a new era of science, where our civilization can begin to manipulate time itself.

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