Priest: Satan made Batman Conspiracy Shooter James Holmes Do It

Priest: Satan made James Holmes Do It

Catholic priest suggests that Satan drove accused killer James Holmes to open fire at a Dark Knight Rises screening in Aurora, Colorado.

| This article originally appeared on RNS / by David Gibson.

(RNS) A Catholic priest has suggested that Satan may have driven accused killer James Holmes to open fire at a Colorado cinema, continuing the religious debate over a shooting that claimed 12 lives and wounded 58 more.

“Was he demon possessed? Maybe. It happens,” the Rev. Dwight Longenecker wrote at the Patheos website, where the Catholic priest from Greenville, S.C., is a columnist.

Religious leaders and public figures have sparked some of the most heated discussions in the wake of the tragedy as they have offered various explanations for the violent outburst and spiritual guidance for dealing with it.

Former Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, a onetime Baptist minister,blamed the nation’s “sin problem” for the crime. He echoed the views of Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, that the shooting happened because public prayer is not allowed at public schools and so Americans have lost the “protective hand” of God.

Longenecker dismissed the range of explanations for what might have motivated Holmes – a bad childhood, mental illness, social awkwardness, extreme political or religious views, or exposure to violent video games or to the Batman movie that was showing when he allegedly opened fire. The real culprit, he says, was spiritual, and malign.

“Demonic infestation is a rare, strange and terrible psycho-spiritual affliction,” Longenecker said. “In simple terms, a malevolent, separate intelligence infests the mind and spirit of a person.”

The priest conceded that “trying to diagnose the possibility of demonic influence is extremely difficult.” An exorcist, he says, “often feels like he is walking blindfolded through a minefield set in quicksand. He is wrestling with a pool of oily octopuses.”

Longenecker suggests that in the end, it is best to say that Holmes was “taken over by Evil.”

“Something happened to the mild mannered science geek. He turned into a monster. Something twisted in his mind and heart, and Evil made an entry. Evil infested his life. It took him over.”

David Gibson is an award-winning religion journalist, author and filmmaker. He writes for RNS and until recently covered the religion beat for AOL’s Politics Daily. He blogs at Commonweal magazine, and has written two books on Catholic topics, the latest a biography of Pope Benedict XVI. 

| Sources: Article (David Gibson) / Image (unknown).

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  1. Maggy Mae says:

    It is a long process to arrive at the conclusion this person is possessed. Obviously, Satan is a murder and a liar and all killings, not matter what state a person is in, leads back to him. Doctors and the Church have to spend time with the person before a final conclusion can be made.

    • I know that satan did it. Here is the proof.. Lil Wayne release a video called “My Homie Still” 3 days before the shooting. The video shows lil wayne and his peeps in a movie theater, the video shows 12 skeletons in the theater (hence of how many that died that night). Lil wayne & others in the video was covering their ears while you see debris flying from gun fire.. The music video showed a spinning circular portal (looks like city buildings & a blue sky w/ clouds) turning about.. This represented the gateway into Holmes mind. You’ll see a female whispering something into the ear of a white manikin.. There is several other parts to this video + clips from dark knight rises that clearly show this wasnt no random act. The evidence is just truly uncanning.. goto youtube & search for both “lil wayne my homies still official music video” and “lil wayne my homies still illuminati – Aurora Shooting Conspiracy Theory”

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