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Mystic Politics mission is to instigate debate on politics, religion, and science towards a more informed society.

Our goal is increasing the authority of alternative media and citizen journalism, to change the geopolitical narrative and the way in which you see the world.

We hand-pick every article and video republished on the site to spotlight political corruption, government conspiracies, religion and politics, and the dichotomy of science and faith.

Mystic Politics is designed to ease you in filtering out the noise of mainstream media, and putting these topics in an easily readable/shareable format on any of your devices.

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About Everett Tucker
Everett Tucker is sexy

Everett Tucker is the creator and editor of Mystic Politics. He is condescending, overconfident, under-educated, and extremely interested in exploring religiopolitical overlap, the psychology of belief, and the conspiritorial tropes & memes- real or otherwise- of popular culture.

The Mystic Politics Podcast is his videoblog of daily commentary on the narratives of history, religion, and politics through a contrarian lens, with an attempt at objectivity. :)

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"Mystic Politics has been a constant force to be reckoned with in the social, political, and economical community. Putting out information, reports, and news that those in power would rather not be seen, and asking the questions that every person should answer. When faced with fundamentalist ideology, he has been able to back up his words time and time again." -Matt White

"Mystic Politics is delicious food for the brain." -J.Borrero

"Mystic Politics' open mind, sharp web skills, and reasonably suspicious nature won't leave you enlightened, but you might be able to find your own way after you've been reading it long enough." -Rev. R. D. Maloney, KSC

"Mystic Politics is the best perception manager in the business" - Michelle B

"Mystic Politics is thought provoking, audacious and often exacerbating. All imperative qualities when probing truth in these times of scarce wisdom and extensive information." -Sabrina D.S.

"Mystic Politics is a well-informed researcher and analyst of information from a broad spectrum of sources, as well as being a skilled marketer." Eric 'HipGnosis' Young

"Mystic politics is an eye opener for the young generation. His controversial view on religion and politics is a breath of fresh air." -Guita Sepehrdad

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